Close to the Enemy

Set in a bomb damaged London hotel during the aftermath of World War II “Close to the Enemy” is a thriller that follows British intelligence officer Captain Callum Ferguson. His last task for the Army is to ensure that Dieter, a captured German Scientist develops cutting edge jet engine technology for the British. Such expertise is becoming vital to Britain as they try to maintain any kind of superiority in the emerging Cold War. Callum employs unorthodox methods in his attempt to convince Dieter to work for the British, eventually developing a friendship with him. A friendship which becomes threatened as those around him believe that the Dieter may have stood by as innocents in labour camps perished under the rule of the Nazi party.






Helen Flint

Written and Directed by:


Ashley Rowe

Production Design:

Rob Harris

Costume Design:

Nic Ede


Adrian Johnston
Phoebe Fox - Kathy Griffiths & Robert Glenister - Brigadier Wainwright
Lucy Ward - Lotte Koehler
Alfred Molina - Harold Lindsay-Jones