In the Cloud

IN THE CLOUD is a feature-length techno-thriller, created by Vanya Asher and produced by Little Island Productions, Automatik and Imperative Entertainment. The movie centers on Cloud Inc., a tech start-up shrouded in secrecy which has developed a program that uploads a person’s consciousness into a virtual space where he or she can be visited at any time. Essentially, a digital afterlife. As Cloud Inc.’s public launch approaches, the revolutionary effects of the technology are touted by its founders. Hiding in the shadows are those with questionable interests in the company and secret agendas that threaten its existence, the life of its creator, and which will change the very meaning of life and death for the future of humanity.






Brian Kavanaugh-Jones

Executive Producer:

Helen Flint

Written by:

Vanya Asher


Wesley Cardino

Production Design:

Michael Pickwoad

Costume Design:

Anushia Nieradzik