The White Princess

Season 1

The White Princess picks up three days after the conclusion of The White Queen, as a new generation ascends to the throne in a tale of power, political divides, family, love, and betrayal. The historical drama is told from the perspective of the women waging the ongoing battle for the English throne: Lizzie (Comer), Lady Margaret Beaufort (Michelle Fairley) and Dowager Queen Elizabeth Woodville (Essie Davis).

The story begins as one of England’s most politically turbulent times – The War of the Roses – is coming to an end. An uneasy peace is achieved when former King Richard III is defeated at the Battle of Bosworth, and the victor, Henry Tudor, soon-to-be King Henry VII (Jacob Collins-Levy), is married to Lizzie (Comer) – a princess from a rival house and Richard III’s former lover.




Starz (USA)


Lachlan MacKinnon

Directed by:

Jamie Payne


Chris Seager

Production Design:

Will Hughes-Jones

Costume Design:

Phoebe de Gaye


John Lunn
Jodie Comer - Princess Elizabeth
Michelle Fairley - Margaret Beaufort
Jacob Collins-Levy - Henry VII